Look &  Learn Braiding Workshop

Presenter : Alese Jenai

I was born and raised on the east side of DETROIT, educated in the Detroit Public School System and I was just your neighborhood girl with a gift. Coming up braids were a huge part of my life because not only did I rock them all the time but my mom offered braid services professionally. Naturally I picked up the tricks of the trade so by 11 years old I was scheduling my own paying clients. Through high school doing braids turned into more of a hobby rather than something I saw myself doing as a career; even though I was braiding at school through my lunch hour. By 21 years old I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to earn my cosmetology certification from Paul Mitchell the School. Soon after I returned home to find my stride in the beauty industry. First doing brows, cuts and color, eyelashes, styling hair for runway shows or anything that wasn’t braids. Completely avoiding my calling. Lucky for me, in 2014 braids made a strong come back on mainstream and I was there to catch it all. My business has since grown by over 200 recurring clients and a constant flow of new clients. 2015 I was able to launch a product line, O.B.Q., for hair and body products. Gratefully, we are getting better every year. So, Thank you so much for your love and support and even reading my bio! Talk to you soon, enjoy..

#DefyAllOdds Mind, Body, & Hair Workshop

Presenter: Erin Patten Ceo of DāO Detroit

Get Ready to End the Confusion, Frustration and Pain of Caring For Your Natural Hair! It is our goal to help individuals understand how to love and nurture their amazing authenticity. You’d be surprised to know that it’s not the hair that’s the problem.

It starts first with the health of your mind and body which directly reflects in your hair. In today’s fast-paced world, we often neglect caring for ourselves and taking time to be still and breathe. This often leads us to quick fixes and even quicker meals that are poor in quality and low in nutrients. Cluttered minds and bad eating habits create an environment for slow hair growth, hair loss and dis-ease.

In this workshop you’ll understand the hair growth cycle, nutritional and hormonal influences on hair growth, the truth about the power of the mind in shaping good habits and a step-by-step system with nutrition and supplement recommendations for improving the overall health of your mind, body, and hair. You don’t want to miss this!

Beauty in Being Workshop

Presenter: @MahoganyHope IG


Jasmine a creative Metro Detroit mom of one old soul & charming 4 year old boy. Her roots of family traditions and legacy of creating love during difficult times stem from her married grandparents of almost 50 years who birthed 18 children (including a set a twins). It was becoming a mother that solidified her faith and mental shift to go after the lifestyle she truly wanted. A life with a healthier body, relationships, and mental clarity to give her new son the best ... a mom that loves others fully, and unapologetically starting with herself.


After losing 120 pounds, quitting a comfortable position with no plan b, relocating, and ending an unhealthy relationship a new life chapter began. Her grandmother’s spirit, a supportive family “village”, and a strong faith help this single mom and proud Michigander weather the storm of co-parenting, food allergies, celibacy until marriage, dating, and a personal holistic health journey. Now a certified IIN health coach and creator of Mahogany Hope - a support sanctuary for single moms seeking to set higher standards in forming holistic habits for healthy whole families. It is her heart’s desire and found life purpose to walk beside other woman on similar journeys. A real life confirmation that self-evolution is not just a dream but a absolute reality.

"Curl Catastrophe" Workshop

Presenter: Robyn Raimey

Owner and Operator of R Lynn and Company, LLC



Lover of Jesus Christ, Songstress, Actor, and Stylist Robyn Raimey has from the womb been exposed to the  Arts. She attributes her passion and desire to encourage others with her gifts and talents to a family full of singers, musicians, preachers, educators, counselors, and prayer warriors. This foundation is what began a burning passion to be purposeful in the earth. The beauty industry became a vehicle.


Robyn has developed strong skills that include, braiding, hair extensions, natural and chemical treatment and hair care, barbering, and loc care over the course of her nearly 22 year Beauty Industry Career. She is experienced in all phases of hair care. Robyn received her education in the beauty industry from both Oakland Technical Center in Berkley, MI and Creative College of Cosmetology in Warren, MI (where she completed her 1500 hours of training necessary for

licensing in the State of Michigan). She continues to educate herself through industry training (both formal and informal). ALWAYS LEARNING!


Not only is this hair maven a worship leader, she is also an Administrative Mental Health Professional for nearly 18 years specific to Customer Service.

She is actively working to bridge the gap between great stylist and great customer service through workshop and public speaking opportunities. Each one an occasion for expansion



Brandi Taylor -Makeup Artist and Educator- Xquisitelooks

Learn the relationship between light and shadow on your

face, and how they shape your face. Understand how

to identify your face shape. Get a slimmer nose, defined

your cheekbones and sculpt your face. Brighten your

face and create a youthful look.

Brandi Taylor is an accomplished makeup artist
with experience in all aspects of makeup artistry,
including fashion, video and print. As founder of
XquisiteLooks Makeup Artistry, her education,
coupled with professionalism, gives her clients a
dependable, organized and detailed-oriented
delivery, every time.

Brandi’s diverse background and experience
creates an exceptional style accredited only to her
and her creativity. Her innate ability to bring out the
best in others is unmatched. She has worked with
Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Wet & Wild, Hada Labo and
other notable cosmetic labels. Because of this,
Brandi is now a highly-sought after speaker and

The Detroit native is a 2007 graduate for Michigan
College of Beauty. She has studied skincare in
addition to her training in cosmetology. Her
workshops are a must for those serious about a
career in the beauty industry.

Brandi is available to share her advice to those
looking to beautify themselves and others. To
secure Brandi for your event, or to view her
portfolio, visit www.xquisitelooks.com.-- 

Wash & Go Like a Pro

With Original Moxie

Prepare to master this curly hair essential! We'll cover the '5 P's' (Prep, Product, Process, Practice, & Protection) and show you how to get the most out of your Wash Day. Using a live model, our Hair Clinic Instructor, Breon Canady, will demonstrate how to detangle, moisturize, and pop your curls like a Pro. We'll also discuss how to preserve them for maximum wearability. Bring your OM products and a freshly washed head of hair  to follow along!

How to apply Natural Makeup 101

Nicole Cooper- Makeup Artistry


Nicole Cooper has always had a passion for makeup since the tender age of 7 and has been in the makeup artistry business for 7 years. Nicole specializes in natural makeup looks and enhancing her client’s beauty. Nicole has had the pleasure of doing celebrities, as well as traveling for various makeup jobs.


She is very passionate in her makeup artistry and it shows in all her client interactions and makeup applications. She always listens to her client’s visions, and offers her input to help create a glow that will look best on them. Nicole give’s makeup classes quarterly called, “Makeup and Moscato”, where attendees enjoy wine, food and fun! She is the founder of Vintage Glam, LLC Makeup Artistry. Nicole’s future goal is to open her own beauty emporium that will solely focus on a client’s makeup desires and makeup artist’s needs.


“When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful”!

Nicole Cooper

Locs and knowledge Workshop

Jedidah Carter


How much knowledge do you really have about locs?

As a client are you properly informed about your Locs?

As a Loctician are you properly educated and skilled to provide the proper care for Loc clients?

Join Jedidah Carter 18year Master Loctician, Hair braiding teacher, and cosmetologist as she provides you with crucial information that every Loc client and Loc Stylist should know.

Kala Wilburn

Fashion Against Violence


DIY Hair Hacks Learn how to use everyday items to make a fashionable hair wardrobe. This workshop will show you how to use t-shirts, leggings, etc. to create your very own hair wardrobe. Master the art of creating hair wraps and accessories using things you already have at home!

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