Detroit Natural Hair Expo is a company dedicated to educating people around the world to love and embrace their natural hair. Having natural hair isn’t just about new trendy styles; it is about a lifestyle. From bonnets to conditioners, our Natural Hair Events create a platform for people to have real conversations about what being natural means to them.
We provide hands-on demonstrations, Blogger panels, YouTube Influencers and an experience like no other. We bring people from all over together to experience a positive natural hair environment. After Many years hosting the Detroit Natural Hair Expo; The Largest Natural hair event in the midwest, in 2022 We are curating the largest natural hair festival in the Midwest. Our goal is to empower both men and women. We strive to educate, motivate and demonstrate everything amazing about being a part of the natural hair movement.
After hosting the largest Expo in the Midwest, which was held in Detroit, Michigan since 2017 Eonica, founder of Naturals United Productions and The Detroit Natural has decided to take the expo to new heights. With a team of women we are dedicated to provide the best natural hair experience we can for Vendors, Sponsors, and participants. Owner, Founder Eonica Smith
Detroit Natural Hair Expo is the Largest Natural Hair Expo in the Midwest. Bringing naturals together to embrace many textures of hair.
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